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Beckham will not return to LA Galaxy
February 16, 2009, 1:36 pm
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That statement is not exactly true at the moment – it’s just my opinion, but I’ll be very surprised if that is not the outcome of the current negotiations between the AC Milan, the US club and Beckham himself.

Obviously he wants to carry on playing in Italy, they want him to stay and for someone with so much wealth, he’s not going to be made to do something he doesn’t want to do.  Given the fact that he would be free to leave LA Galaxy in November anyway, I’m pretty certain they are resigned to the fact he’s leaving them but are just trying to eek out the best financial outcome. Beckham’s advisers and AC Milan’s money men all know that, so expect this one to be a money-related affair and to go right to the wire which may be 9th March.

AC Milan have already offered £5 million, but LA say Beckham is worth £10 million. Fairly big numbers, but small beer in Beckham’s world and maybe AC Milan will ask Beckham to cough up some cash himself to buy himself out of his contract (in much the same way as F1 driver Jenson Button did to get away from Williams to join Honda in 2005).

Of course Beckham is also taking a renewed liking in playing for England who have nine international games lined up between now and October. As much as AC Milan want Beckham, they won’t want to shoulder the whole cost of bringing him back to Europe, especially if the English national team are going to see significant benefit from the move. Cash may be brought in from elsewhere to oil the wheels here.


Will he stay or will he go?
February 4, 2009, 3:10 pm
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Big discussions are taking place between lawyers representing David Beckham and LA Galaxy, the US Soccer team that loaned Beckham to AC Milan. Beckham came to Italy in January and was due to return to LA Galaxy on 9th March, however the Italian club have registered Beckham up until June sparking rumours that he would be staying longer.

It is thought that LA Galaxy want him back, but if Beckham himself wants to remain in Italy I would expect LA Galaxy to take the next best option and secure a nice financial deal out of the issue. AC Milan clearly want Beckham on their books either temporarily or permanently.

Having the chance to play alongside superstars such as Kaka, Ronaldinho and Seedorf must be more attractive to Beckham at this stage of his career than returning to US football where real player talent is thin on the ground.