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How long will Capello stay?
July 2, 2010, 3:52 pm
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The big talking point in UK football over the past few days, well at least since England were convincingly defeated by Germany in the World Cup, has been the future fate of Fabio Capello, the England manager. Would he remain manager of the national side, would he resign himself or would he be forced out, either by the fans or the FA themselves?

Capello is obviously a very capable man, his past record of achievements is fairly strong evidence of that, but with the England team playing so badly in their four games during the World Cup, his position has obviously been called into question and rumours of an impending resignation by the Italian were rife.

Rightly or wrongly Capello may regard himself as blameless for the team’s performances. The pre-tournament qualifying games and even the friendlies in the weeks before all boded well, but suddenly, once the pressure was on in the games that mattered, the team’s confidence started to disappear.

Capello himself is a very proud man and with all his years of experience, vast wealth and current age (he’s 64 now), I wouldn’t expect that he would want to walk away from the England job and start looking for something new. It’s a very well paid position, not that he needs the money, but to resign would be a costly exercise for him we suspect, so he was always going to say that he wanted to stay unless he was pushed out (when significant compensation would be likely to be paid).

We all expected to have to wait a week or two before the FA came up with a comment about the manager’s position, presumably giving them time to work out whether they could afford to pay him off, but already today the FA have given Fabio their backing.

There are two years until the next European Championships, so they are probably considering Fabio’s role in the qualifying games and reflecting on how well he managed England’s World Cup qualifying games. A repeat of that would be perfect so why get rid of him now? Assuming England successfully qualify for Euro2012, then memories of the World Cup situation will have faded slightly and Capello’s job would be fairly secure again until his contract needs renewal in 2012.

Quite why the FA agreed a new contract with Capello just before the 2010 World Cup and not afterwards is put down to rumours of him possibly being tempted back to his home country to take up the Inter Milan managership which was eventually taken by Jose Mourinho on 3rd June; Capello signed his new deal with the FA on the 1st or 2nd of June. Whether one event influenced the other may never be known, but the possibility of Capello returning to his homeland to manage Inter Milan in the twilight of his career remains.

Capello has already managed several of the top teams in Europe with two spells at AC Milan, two at Real Madrid, and periods managing Roma and Juventus. He has been in top flite football management since 1991, almost twenty years, and with a personal fortune estimated to be in excess of £30 million and a private art collection worth £17million, Capello’s years at the top of the game must be numbered. Surely he wants to retire and enjoy his wealth soon?


Champions League Headed by English Teams not Players

You may be forgiven for thinking that English football is going through a boom period with teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal all featuring in the Quarter Finals of the UEFA competition. But look over those rose-tented spectacles and you will see a group of top English teams almost bereft of English players. Of course there are a few English players in those squads and some very good ones in fact. BUt look beyond players like Ferdinand, Terry, Lampard, Rooney, Gerrard and Carrick and the remainder is a who’s who of foreign talent.

Fabio Capello has just announced his squad for the forthcoming friendly game against Slovakia and the 2010 World Cup Qualifier against Ukraine and of the 24 players only 8 come from those top 4 teams. Manchester United are the exception, providing four players, but teams like West Ham, Everton and Portsmouth all provide as many or more players to the squad than Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. In fact there are no players in the Enland squad from Liverpool, the top team in the English league of the moment.