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Champions League Headed by English Teams not Players

You may be forgiven for thinking that English football is going through a boom period with teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal all featuring in the Quarter Finals of the UEFA competition. But look over those rose-tented spectacles and you will see a group of top English teams almost bereft of English players. Of course there are a few English players in those squads and some very good ones in fact. BUt look beyond players like Ferdinand, Terry, Lampard, Rooney, Gerrard and Carrick and the remainder is a who’s who of foreign talent.

Fabio Capello has just announced his squad for the forthcoming friendly game against Slovakia and the 2010 World Cup Qualifier against Ukraine and of the 24 players only 8 come from those top 4 teams. Manchester United are the exception, providing four players, but teams like West Ham, Everton and Portsmouth all provide as many or more players to the squad than Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. In fact there are no players in the Enland squad from Liverpool, the top team in the English league of the moment.


Is that why Robinho left Tenerife?
January 28, 2009, 10:34 am
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When the Brazilian footballing superstar Robinho left Manchester City’s training camp in Tenerife during January without team permission, he said at the time that he had gone back to Brazil because of a “family matter”. His spokesman at the time also failed to shed any clarity on the situation, saying just that it was unfortunate that a negative light had been cast on Robinho’s actions.

Well what a surprise when Robinho was arrested by Manchester police this week on allegation of “sexual assault”. The date of the alleged actions are placed just 8 days before Robinho’s unannounced departure back to Brazil. Seems a bit of a coincidence if you ask me.

What is it about professional footballers that seem to make them a magnet for criminal controversy? Stephen Gerrard is still facing charges of actual bodily assault and affray after an incident in a Southport nightclub at the end of December. Gerrard is due to appear in court again in March. And we all know about other footballers who have felt the long arm of the law on their shoulder. Back in 2004 West Brom player Lee Hughes was jailed for six years for causing death by dangerous driving when a 56 year old man was killed after his car was hit by Hughes’ Mercedes.Plymouth goalkeeper Luke McCormick was jailed for 7 years 4 months for killing two young boys in a vehicle collision and Joey Barton was jailed for six months last may after being involved in an attack outside a McDonalds in Liverpool. Welsh captain Craig Bellamy has twice been involved in events that attracted the attention of the police in 2002 and 2006.

Back to the current Robinho affair. I can’t honestly see him playing next season with Manchester City. I’d suggest that he’ll either end up at Chelsea, where he originally wanted to play before the City deal was concluded or he’ll leave the UK for either Italy or back to Spain.