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Football Funding under Spotlight
February 19, 2009, 1:25 pm
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The recent revelations about cricket’s involvement with questionable sources of sponsorship and funding should serve as a warning to football’s governing bodies.  It is obvious that they should be extremely diligent in ensuring similar situations do not develop in their sport.

Of course the financial aspects of top level football are well documented and the levels of money involved are very high, even in comparison to cricket, but how much scrutiny are football’s backers placed under when they enter the sport? Many of the UK’s top clubs are now fully or part owned by foreign investors and with such high finance, the need for high levels of examination and regulation become par for the course. But have the UK’s footballing bodies stepped up their game to match the stakes?

I’m expecting to see a whole round of press announcements from football’s official bodies, informing the community at large that the sport is totally under control from a financial standpoint. Given the amount of pressure Giles Clarke, the current chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board, is facing, I would expect the equivalent heads of UK’s football to be immediately checking their own vulnerability should a similar situation emerge in footballing circles.